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On Line Gallery - How it Works

On Line Gallery - How it Works
- 2011

Each year, the artworks made by the beneficiairies of institutions of the partner countries (Germany, Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Romania) are exposed on line as a gallery that can be visited on the web site  HYPERLINK "http://www.socialsansfrontieres.eu" www.socialsansfrontieres.eu. A vote on line will be organized to select the winning pieces. The following steps explain how to view this gallery on line :
  • Surf through the gallery and view the artworks
  • To register (check in) as a partner institution and expose  the art Works
  • To vote on line for one’s chosen works
  • To view the prized pieces of Art
1 - To surf through the Gallery and view the artworks

In the main menu, select the year for viewing. The years 2006, 2007 and 2008 present only samples of the artworks exposed in the partner countries.

Starting in 2010, the artworks that can be seen will be represented by the participating institutions and for which there will be a vote ;
Navigating through each gallery will enable you to go from one a page to another and to see the photographs that can be made larger by a simple click on the photograph, then by utilizing the left or right arrows
It is possible to sort out the art pieces by year, country, type of institution or by the name of the institution.

2 - To register as a parner institution and present the Art Works

Each social or medical and social institution that services and follows people with problems is invited to participate at the on line Art Show. The larger institutions may  record all of their deparments
We are asking all the professionals to work on the logo of the show.

Training centers are also associated to this project. The students will work on the posters announcing the Show, as well as on the cover page of the exhibition.
To register, you need to complete a form that is available here.

To expose the art works
Each institution or training center organizes the presentation of the topic of the year 2011 "Solidarity between generations" and organizes with the recipients of the institution the production of the artistic works on different supports, such as, painting, sculpture, collages, needle work, ect. Each institution selects with the participation of the residents and professionals, the 3 best works created and sends them for the on line gallery in the form of numerical photography (format 850 pixels minimum of width).
The institution forwards to SSF by e-mail the numerical pictures of the 3 selected works by indicating for each photograph :
  • The name of the institution and category of clients received (childhhood, developmental disability, social problem, or the aged).
  • The name of the artist or it’s pseudo-name
  • The title of the art piece.
This year, the photographs will have to be sent to SSF by e-mail no later than the 31 of December 2011