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Présentation de l'association

Social Without Frontiers is an International organization. It is based in Strasbourg, 6, rue d’Or. Its statutes have been deposited at the Courthouse of Strasbourg. The organization was founded on the 15th of March 1998 in Kehl, (Germany) by French, German and Hungarian members under the leadership of Mrs Gillig Marie-Hélène, than an associate of the Mayor of Strasbourg in charge  of Social Affairs, later deputy at the European Parlement and the professor Marc Berthel, Chief Head of the Geriatric Department of The University Hospital of Strasbourg.


The goal of our organization is to further and develop the social and cultural activities in the country members and non members of the European Union.

To that effect, it has the mission
  • To collaborate on the project of the adhesion of countries of Central and Oriental Europe to the European Union and as well on the legal harmonization in the Social Field. This was accomplished led the following years by the entry of Hungary and Poland than of Romania in the European Union.
  • To prepare a chart of quality for the establishments and services of the social and medical field
  • To focus on the development of exchanges between professionals, establishments, and on  exchanges between     recipients of social services: childhood, developmental disabilities, people with social problems, the aged.

  • Participation of all the partners concerned by the taking of effect and recognition of initial and ongoing training of responsibles, professionals, field advisors of professionals and volunteers.
  • Advancement of Research with different European partners : associations of directors, universities, training institutes of the social field, etc. 
 Pilote studies at the request of public or private organizations of the social, psycho-pedagogical and cultural fields,
  • Requests made by European and national institutions and or territorial collectivities.
  • Development of the exchange of information and documentation, furthering of the means of communication between the different parties concerned by the goal of the organization.
  • Planning of meetings, national and international conferences on Social action, medical, social and cultural topics.
  • Support of all the activities focused on learning foreign languages to facilitate the inter-professional exchanges and to lead to a better understanding of the cultures of the partner countries.
  • Securing places for the animations and cultural events, of leisure and culture, alone on its own or together with other organizations.

Associated countries

The members are from institutions of different countries : France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Romania.